Stimuli for the KAW Story (Kindergarten children Acquiring Words through Storybook reading) Project

The KAW Story Project is a preliminary clinical trial funded by the National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (DC0012824). The goal of this project is to identify the number of exposures children with Specific Language Impairment (SLI) need to learn new words during interactive book reading. Below is a list of books and targets words used in treatment. The books and target words are the same stimuli used in Justice, Meier, and Walpole (2005), Learning new words from storybooks: An efficacy study with at-risk kindergartners. Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools, 36, 17-32. The synonyms, definitions, and contexts sentences were generated by the KAW Story research team and are used during therapy to supplement the storybook text.

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Context sentence

Harry and the Terrible Whatzit discovered noticed to have found or seen something first The boy discovered a secret pile of candy in the kitchen. 
Harry and the Terrible Whatzit furnace heater something used to make heat to warm buildings Today it was cold outside so Mom turned on the furnace.
Harry and the Terrible Whatzit gloomy dark having very little light The gray and gloomy sky was filled with rain clouds.
Harry and the Terrible Whatzit damp soggy barely wet or moist After playing in the water, our clothes were damp.
Harry and the Terrible Whatzit swat slap to hit quickly using an open hand or something else I wanted to swat the fly so that it woud go away.
Harry and the Terrible Whatzit swung spun to have caused to move back and forth The baseball player swung the bat and hit the ball. 
Imogene's Antlers overjoyed excited filled with joy; very happy She was overjoyed to get a puppy for her birthday.
Imogene's Antlers rare not usual not often found or seen It is rare to see an elephant in a big city.
Imogene's Antlers wandered walked slowly to move about from place to place While waiting for soccer practice to start, we wandered around the school.
Imogene's Antlers advice help an idea used to help people to make choices Dad gave me advice on how to make more friends at school.
Imogene's Antlers glared stared to look at someone in an angry way I glared at my sister after she took my toy from me. 
Imogene's Antlers prodded stuck to poke someone with something pointed The farmer prodded the cow to move it into the fence.
Otis hauled dragged pulled with force or effort Dad hauled all of our heavy trash to the big trash can. 
Otis ripe ready full grown and good to pick or eat I like to eat ripe strawberries in the summertime.
Otis sidelines boundary lines lines marking the sides of fields or courts in sports My brother was hurt so he stood on the sideliness at the soccer game. 
Otis hooves feet hard parts on the feet of animals like horses or pigs The horses kicked each other with their hooves when they were playing.
Otis silky smooth soft like a material used to make clothes Mom went to the store and bought a new silky dress.
Otis spotless clean without any dirt or spots After washing the car with lots of soap, it looked spotless. 
Possum and the Peeper marsh a swamp a low, wet land, often thick with tall grasses Ducks and beavers live in a marsh because they like the water. 
Possum and the Peeper racket a disturbance a loud noise that bothers you The teacher asked the class to stop making racket during silent reading.
Possum and the Peeper squinting peeking looking at something through partly closed eyes She was squinting while playing outside because of the bright sun.
Possum and the Peeper clamor noise a loud sound that goes on for some time The children couldn't sleep because of the clamor from the thunder. 
Possum and the Peeper grumbling whining complaining in a low voice He was grumbling because his mother made him clean his room.
Possum and the Peeper peering staring looking hard or closely to see something better When peering out the window, they saw deer in the field. 
Shy Charles embarrassed uncomfortable to have felt nervous or upset The boy was embarrassed because a girl gave him a gift at school.
Shy Charles murmured mumbled to have spoken in a soft, low sound Sarah murmurd the secret to her best friends at lunch time. 
Shy Charles trembled shook to have shivered from being scared, cold, or excited The mailman trembled because a mean dog barked at him.
Shy Charles nervous worried feeling scared or showing tension The young girl was nervous about her first day at her new school.
Shy Charles scarlet red a bright orange-red color Her favorite color was scarlet and she wore it every day.
Shy Charles success accomplishment a person or thing that does or goes well The game was a success and the team was happy they won. 
Book! Book! Book! heaved lifted to do something with great effort The yound girl heaved her heavy backpack over her shoulder.
Book! Book! Book! pouted frowned to look upset by pushing out the lips After losing the soccer game the whole team pouted.
Book! Book! Book! ruffle disturb to move something that is even to make it messy Dad likes to ruffle my hair and make me laugh.
Book! Book! Book! gathered collected to have brought together in one place He gathered all of his toys and put them in a basket.
Book! Book! Book! squawked complained to give a loud scream Mom squawked for a long time when she saw the mess we made.
Book! Book! Book! whinnied neigh to make a gentle sound, usually by a horse The big white horse whinnied when I pet his head.
The Caterpillar that Roared gaze stare to look at something for a long time Dad likes to gaze at the new red car that he wants to buy.
The Caterpillar that Roared ripples flows small waves made from moving My toes made small ripples in the swimming pool.
The Caterpillar that Roared surface cover the outside part of something We cleaned the surface of the dusty table because it was dirty. 
The Caterpillar that Roared horrified frightened a feeling of being scared After going through the haunted house, he was horrified of ghosts.
The Caterpillar that Roared snuggled cuddled to lay in a comfortable way next to someone When I watched the movie, I snuggled next to my mom.
The Caterpillar that Roared twitch jerk to move quickly and suddenly When standing in line, you twitch and hit me by accident.
Swimmy gulp swallow to quickly eat or drink big bites or sips She was so hungry that she finished her snack in one big gulp.
Swimmy marvel wonder a person or thing that causes surprise or curiosity The candy store was a marvel, I have never seen so many different flavors!
Swimmy invisible hidden not able to be seen The bird flew into the window because it was invisible and he couldn't see it.
Swimmy swaying rocking swinging back and forth or side to side The swing was swaying in the wind on Tuesday night.
Swimmy swift fast moving quickly, with great speed The boy was swift during the race and finished in first place.
Swimmy midday afternoon the middle part of the day At school, we eat lunch with the other kids at midday. 
The Bear Under the Stairs decided chose to make up one's mind The boy decided to play with the yellow cup.
The Bear Under the Stairs noticed saw to look or pay attention to something Her friends noticed that she was wearing new glasses.
The Bear Under the Stairs tight strong to hold closely in place She held her ball tight so she wouldn't lose it at the beach.
The Bear Under the Stairs awful bad something that is very terrible I felt awful because I hurt my toe so my mom gave me a hug.
The Bear Under the Stairs crept crawled to have moved slowly and quietly My sister crept up behind my dad and made him laugh.
The Bear Under the Stairs haddock fish a fish that can be eaten as food Yesterday, I went fishing with my dad and caught a haddock.
What Do You Do with a Kangaroo flashing blazing a sudden bright light that goes away fast The flashing lightning lights up the summer night sky.
What Do You Do with a Kangaroo frayed torn to have rubbed thin or come apart The rope was frayed because many kids climbed it every day.
What Do You Do with a Kangaroo stale old not fresh or not tasting good The chips were stale because the bag was left open for three days.
What Do You Do with a Kangaroo smooth even flat and not rough After the car was washed, it looked clean and smooth.
What Do You Do with a Kangaroo tailor sew-er a person who makes or fixes clothes The tailor fixed my dress that had a big hole.
What Do You Do with a Kangaroo worn damaged to become thin or torn from use The blanket I slept with every night was worn.


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